Will you be using the New Exodus Addon for Kodi?

install the new exodus addon

Thats the question that most of us are trying to figure out these days when it comes to what Kodi Addon you will be installing on your Android Tv box. If your new to the Android Box World you might not remember the old Kodi Addon called Exodus. Well back in the day it was the GOTO kodi addon for almost every Tv Show, Movie or Sports Show that you wanted. It pretty well had everything. Including Kids stuff, Cartoons, Kids Movies and more.

fbi seizing exodus developers

So what Happened to Exodus?

Well Exodus had contributed a lot to the online world and the developers of the Addon done so much over the years. But eventually when you become the worlds biggest goto Kodi Addon you going to start packing some heat. And thats just what happned. After the Exodus Addon got so big to the rest of the world, thats when the US Government came down on them hard with the Ban Hammer. People were devastated has this was there main source of Movies, Shows, Etc.


Exodus addon image

Exodus Was Reborn!

So after the heat backed away from the developers of the Exodus addon, a few years had passed. They had decided to relaunch Exodus again and bring it back to the Glory it once was. However things wouldnt be so easy for them. After an official first launch they then got shut down again and also faced several problems with there database, repository URLs,  and so on.

But finally after years had passed. They had finally worked the bugs out and were on there way to startem. Exodus was Reborn, and it was better then ever. Even now you can get the Exodus addon and it works like a charm. All the best Movies, Tv Shows, Sports Show, Cartoons, Kids Movies and more are all obtainable by there large collection of entertainment. You will not find any other addon better then Exodus.

So How do I Install the Exodus Addon?

To install the Exodus Addon you first need to go to a website called BestBox or BestAndroidTvBox.com. These guys have everything from the Top Android Boxes to have or what Kodi Builds to be installing. What the top ones are and what the worst ones are. The best things I like about there tutorials is that they have videos and sreenshots to go along with it. So it makes it much easier to complete the installation. To learn how to install exodus on kodi, check that website out. It’ll be the easiest tutorial you ever done.

bestandroidtvbox website screenshot

What else can I say?

Well I think that pretty well sums everything up. If your going to download a Kodi Addon for your Android Tv Box, then I would suggest this one. Its a great Addon to have and you cant go wrong with the Exodus Addon. It comes jammed packed with so much content that it’ll leave you with years of shows to watch. Be sure to check out the above site I mentioned too. Cause honestly its hard to find a good website with great tutorials, and where all the repository URLs work. But that one above is definitely one to use.

Thats enough of what I have to say here for today. Time to Enjoy the Long weekend. Enjoy your weekend folks, and stay healthy.


Melvin Murray – HoustonGlobal.org