Scott Parkin – A Man of Peace

Scott Parkin, the thirty-six year old history teacher and peace activist from Texas has been declared a threat to Australian national security, seemingly for sharing his skills, experiences, and reflections on the U.S. Peace Movement and Stop the War Profiteers campaign against Halliburton with an eager Australian community.  Those of us who know and love Scott are certain he poses no threat to national security in Australia or anywhere else. He is not just an activist; he is a loving son and a loyal friend to those who love him for his intelligence, his sense of humor, his compassion and his belief that a better world is possible.

Scott Parkin has been a valuable fixture in the Houston community, dedicating his boundless energy to social and ecological justice for several years.  Prior to 9-11, Scott co-founded the Houston Global Awareness Collective (HGAC) to confront the destructive policies of the IMF/World Bank. After 9-11, HGAC’s focus expanded and Scott worked tirelessly with others to build an organization that advocated non-violent direct action and popular education to affect positive social change at a grassroots level. Scott has helped organize several teach-ins, forums and film screenings to encourage the exchange of ideas and information regarding global and ecological justice. He can often be found engaging in street theatre as a means to convey political messages in a creative fashion that resonates with onlookers. He played a key role in bringing renowned scholar, Noam Chomsky, to Houston in October 2002 as well as many other prominent figures from the U.S. peace movement. In the tradition of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi, he has facilitated many skill-share sessions that guide people in using non-violent, spirited resistance to challenge systems of oppression and illegitimate wars.

The war in Iraq inspired members of HGAC to challenge leading war profiteer, Halliburton and its subsidiary KBR. What began in 2003 as small protests outside KBR developed into annual protests outside the Halliburton Shareholders Meeting garnering international attention, applause and support. Scott was an essential element in developing HGAC’s thriving campaign that in addition to hosting peaceful demonstrations, also maintains an effective counter-recruitment presence outside Halliburton/KBR facilities in Houston and organizes community forums to inspire non-violent autonomous action against Halliburton. Scott and HGAC utilize intelligent, creative, peaceful tactics to hold war profiteers like Halliburton accountable to the taxpayers they overcharge and defraud; the workers and soldiers they manipulate and the Iraqi civilians they exploit for financial gain.

Scott Parkin is a man of peace and a man of integrity. Scott Parkin is not a threat to national security and it is our belief that he will be fully vindicated. We stand in solidarity with Scott and anxiously await his return to Houston and will do everything we can in our power to assist him in challenging the Australian Government’s allegations that he is a threat to national security or promotes political violence of any kind.