Responses and Impressions on Scott Parkin’s Ordeal

“We proudly stood with Scott as he strove to take this vision overseas and work tirelessly for a more just and peaceful world. We stand by him today fully believing the allegations of the Australian government are without merit. We find it ironic that he was detained as a national security threat while Halliburton’s shameless corporate war profiteering continues to go unchecked.”— Houston Global Awareness Collective

“I am well acquainted with Scott’s belief system as it is one I and many others share. We have figured out what the rulers of Australia and the United States have not– the violent cycles of war, oppression and terror cannot be solved with more violence and destruction. It will come to a halt when the global justice movement engages in mass non-violent resistance and creates a socially just community that transcends borders. Scott sharing this belief system and building international solidarity was
not a threat to national security but a challenge to a corrupt system of power that perpetuates violence.”

— Maureen Haver, friend and member of Houston Global Awareness

“The ordeal that the Australian government put Scott through is an outrageous example of retaliation by proxy against a global justice activist whose objections to the epidemic of war profiteering by Bush and Cheney’s corporate cronies is shared by most U.S. citizens and taxpayers.”
— Charlie Cray,

“Is the Australian government afraid of peace activists? Or did they deport him because Scott Parkin was speaking up against their secret deals with Halliburton, 150 military contracts in 2004 alone, that include covert deals in Iraq? Or was it the kickbacks that Halliburton executives requested from Australian businesses? Might it be their profiteering out Australian bilateral aid projects in India,  Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam? If John Howard or AISO have any evidence as to why Scott Parkin should be considered a security threat, they should present it to the public or apologize for their behavior.”
— Pratap Chatterjee, executive director of CorpWatch, Oakland, California

“Parkin is a grassroots community activist, plain and simple, and is being detained because of his political activism and views. It seems that the government of Australia didn¹t like what Scott was saying about the Iraq war, the Bush administration, and corporations like Halliburton that have close ties to Bush and Cheney,”
— Andrea Buffa, friend and employee of the human rights organization, Global Exchange.