16 Citizens Attempt Citizens’ Arrest – Halliburton CEO at the Shareholder’s Meeting


DUNCAN- Sixteen people from all over the Heartland attempted a citizens’ arrest of David Lesar at the Halliburton Shareholders’ meeting in Duncan Oklahoma.  They were led by Hiram Myers, an attorney with a nephew deployed in Iraq who felt compelled by his conscience to prepare a legal document outlining Halliburton’s violations.  Myers stated, “If we the citizens don’t hold Halliburton accountable, who will?  Certainly not our government or the shareholders”.

Among those who joined Myers in leaving the protest pen, which fell under the weight of banners, signs, and chants of “This is What Democracy Looks Like!” were Houston Global Awareness members Katie Heim, Jennifer Rooks, and Maureen Haver.  Aware of the risk, they maintain that their acts are part of a proud tradition of non-violent direct action that they hope will impact shareholders in an immediate and powerful way.  The fifteen involved in the action are anticipated to be facing criminal trespass charges.intel celeron

Halliburton is currently under investigations by the Security Exchange Commission, Department of Justice and the Pentagon for bribery, fraud and overcharging no-bid military contracts.  Additionally, Halliburton also has business dealings in Iran, which are contrary to the U.S. sanctions currently being imposed.  It is widely believed that Halliburton moved their shareholders’ meeting to Duncan, Oklahoma from Houston, Texas because their meetings in past years have been the target of intense scrutiny, protests, and civil disobedience.  Their move appears to have strengthened the resolve of corporate accountability advocates, veterans, and concerned citizens.