IPTV & its Workability for the Future

IPTV QOS is a subject that has turned into a perplexing issue for many companies, let us clear this up.

Quality of Service, being some thing brand new oftens makes people automatically consider utilizing preexisting measurement methods. This fundamental starting point for QOS dimension is where the majority of the confusion is created.

IPTV QOS has generated lots of the exact same methodology, where engineers having a network history want to quantify network data, and engineers using a video history want to quantify video statistics. The prior (network engineers) can happily take their dimensions from the present community infrastructure, however, find no sense for what packets on the community link to what video signs. The movie men and women wish to convert the IPTV signal into its digital movie format (switching it from IP into Video), which misses the point that everything you are actually finding out is just how nicely the converting apparatus works (a part of test equipment will not be like how a STB (set top box) will decipher the sign. Therefore, you’ve got two distinct approaches to the identical issue – neither of which is actually ideal.

Now, there’s a place for present test equipment (network test gear is very good for data traffic as it always had been, and Transport Stream (digital video) analysers are excellent at your Head-End (in which the movie material arises ) so as to validate the movie into your IP system was great ), so it is not time to throw it off, it is simply not the ideal instrument for IPTV QOS.
With these comments from how we can proceed (it is hard to proceed when you have one foot on your previous mindset).

Based on who you have, you may well be concerned with only 1 portion of an IPTV system or the whole system, so we’ll split it in the core issue and exactly what that means at every place in the community (we will assign the system 4 evaluation points: 1) Head End 2) Core Network 3) Network Edge 4) Client Home).

No matter the circumstance, it is a fantastic idea to take action to make certain that the Head End is powerful and that the video shredding apparatus are dependable. An issue at the Head End affects everybody later on, directly to the client. (we will suppose that many’redundant’ systems are set up to Prevent this Kind of problem where potential )

Having assembled the Head End system using a strong architecture, the final thing (along with the significant one for us) would be to track the Head End IP video stream output to make sure that this first stage where the movie is IP encapsulated was completed satisfactorily and the remainder of the IPTV infrastructure can depend on this particular input.

Notice: One frequent mistake at this stage (and elsewhere) would be to have some type of round-robin system where not all the video flows are measured at precisely the exact same time – that should only be performed when absolutely necessary as a member of those’problems’ with the character of IP delivery over a community is that impairments caused the sign in the IP domain names have a non-deterministic influence on the movie flows. This means that if you are considering 5 of 100 leaks, then you might be having issues on a random number of different flows that you would not see – unless you track ALL flows concurrently.

Hopefully the measures above will have already been completed, so if you are worried about the core system, your primary job involves doing your verification that the leaks coming to your system are OK (you can not rely upon the Head End supplier to get this done to you, and it is a lot simpler to have the ability to escape the spotlight when issues occur if you’re able to readily affirm your input), and making sure the passing throughout the network does not result in any reduction or excess jitter (the only two elements that may halt the network getting your movie into the end undamaged.

Now that we are at the IP domainname, this matter of package loss is finally the number 1 factor to keep an eye out for (almost any IP packets lost WILL mean movie content reduction since all mechanics insert video packets to IP packets for delivery, and some even contain around 7 movie packs in a single IP packet). But that said, each network device (and finally the STB) have buffers meaning that excess jitter may lead to packet loss. Because we REALLY do not desire package loss, this implies jitter is equally as significant to us when tracking our system.

The actual kicker here is that if you are in the old school of IP monitoring you will be quite pleased with what I have mentioned so much – but there is 1 thing that makes matter a bit more’interesting’. It’s absolutely feasible to shed’media’ packs but NOT IP packets. Whenever a infrastructure comprises elements such as multiplexers which combine the mpeg movie and’MUX’ a number of streams into a single, if you are not doing some kind of’deep packet inspection’ (looking into social media headers to guarantee the continuity counters are right ) you might have no IP packet reduction, but nevertheless have video issues. This essentially means your solution can’t come from 1 strategy or another, but must perform the observation in the IP domain while still affirming the media packets are undamaged.

This extra complication is just one of those things that lots of test equipment manufacturers have not accounted for, typically because of the fact that this remains a relatively new area and lots of equipment vendors are focused on producing’attributes’ instead of fixing the consumer problems to provide advantages which really give them the powerful options needed.

As before, our first step will be to affirm our input signal is great by tracking all flows concurrently for jitter and packet loss and then ensuring that the’final mile’ mechanism into the client home is as powerful as possible.

So based upon your infrastructure , you might or might not have an IP system to the client home.

4) Client Home.

The closing, and some might say the most significant part the system.

As before, we must look at our input (the IP video streams which are just about to visit the clients STB). Since we are speaking about IP, again this is about the jitter and packet loss which has happened to all those video flows in their trip for this residence. Since we assessed the video quality because it was encoded in the head , we all know that so long as the jitter is not too much for your STB to deal with, and there is no packet loss – that the movie will be precisely as it had been when it had been encoded.

If you are wondering how to get about that – you will find equipment vendors with apparatus that move IN the client house and adstract the workload out of the STB as well as a few that enable the consumer press a button to indicate if THEY watched an issue (no matter what your test gear may or may not have signaled – that says You Have to simulate a client encounter )

There – Pretty easy actually.

That is accurate, but in actual life most businesses don’t possess, control or perhaps have access to the full system. This leaves rolling out an IPTV setup a small nightmare if you don’t comprehend the issues and possess the right test gear (recall, a few folks still have one foot at the community or movie world of older ).

When firms have access to large areas of the machine or are operating with favorable businesses which do, this annoyance can find a great deal simpler as soon as the gear used can get its information fed into a central video tracking system. In this manner, the two common issues of 1) Where’s the issue 2) Can it be an IP issue, are observable at a glance and wasted time and effort simply getting to the point where you know where the issue is may be averted.

1) V-Factor

V-Factor is a system which utilizes Moving Picture Quality Metrics (MPQM) study to attempt to mimic what a person would have determined that the movie quality was really like.

This is an intriguing method and can be 1 way to approach the issue, but demands a great deal of processing, cannot realistically be achieved across the majority of the system (because the processing function is hefty, this doesn’t give itself to’heart’ or’head end’ tracking ), so may function as a helpful dimension to incorporate into STBs.

Since we are taking a look at a holistic IPTV QOS strategy, only a tracking solution that provides us the big picture in addition to the detail is going to do.

Again, this metric was made to attempt to provide an approximation of what a person would see.

Much like the V-Factor, it is a cool thought and excellent but does not inform us exactly what goes wrong with the machine (it is wonderful to have a caliber’score’, but in fact we will need to understand what to DO about a’bad’ score).

As its name implies we receive a metric which tell us something about the shipping. Even though it may not examine the video signal, it will tell us just how well the movie was delivered – that if you recall is the most crucial thing if it had been encoded correctly.

MDI is a apporiate metric in any location in the machine and would allow us know immediately if there was a shipping issue. Considering that the MDI values are predicated upon the bitrates of their movie streams, this gives us some genuinely helpful info regarding how distinct streams will be impacted by our community (by way of instance, if we are currently running 50 SD (Standard Definition) Streams and we would like to replace them with HD (High Definition) flows, a V-Factor or MOS score sooner or later in our community won’t inform us exactly what to anticipate, whereas MDI metrics will probably allow us know just how much difference the system is very likely to create. The jitter on the system will impact SD and HD flow differently (in actuality, any flows with various bitrates will be otherwise influenced from the jitter – this causes several issues ), therefore having info about the method by which in which the jitter is impacting the IP delivery is actually handy info, which you simply don’t get together with another measuring systems.

I hope that you find this article helpful and take the actions to guarantee a trusted system until you receive’installment headaches’. The following report will follow soon describing how to construct a strong IPTV network.


Toronto’s Best IPTV Subscription Service

IPTV is the procedure for providing content over an IP based system that utilizes the world wide web. Typically that material is audiovisual but such networks may be used to deliver additional info like programme guides. For an IPTV Toronto Subscription service to operate the supplier must first prepare, code then distribute the information above their network, normally an individual will require a set top box so as to see programmes although progressively, desktop computers, notebooks, tablets and even cellular phones are utilized.

There are four major actions that an IPTV service has to follow so as to provide content to its clients. For many television programming this may entail the supplier obtaining the rights out of whoever owns the programming, even in regard to movies this might be a studio and also in the instance of a sporting occasion this might be a sports’ body.

With this content got the supplier will then need to encode it to make sure that only those clients who are allowed to see it do this. This encoding stage is generally completed after the supplier has obtained the information from a satellite feed; typically this procedure may also alter the arrangement of their programming to make it appropriate for distribution across the IP based system.

The IPTV service generally uses the present phone based broadband links. For this procedure to succeed there needs to be sufficient bandwidth to supply the content into the client’s set top box, otherwise users might have issues in streaming the information. Bandwidth issues are getting more widespread in countries with legacy telephone systems which are only incapable of transporting so much advice, in these instances fiber optics are being used to permit for faster data speeds.

Screens TV panels. Television production technology concept

The following element of this service is usually termed”middleware”. This is basically the user interface which the client uses and then it has to offer an easy and easy way to get the desired content.

The last part in the Best IPTV Toronto Provider scrapbooking would be your set top box. Alternately, there are a few services that allow IPTV to be looked at over other apparatus.

This is a fairly simplistic view of how an IPTV agency operates and obviously there’ll be gaps in the respective manners IPTV supplier function but has expected to determine the fundamentals of how IPTV and cleared the procedure for subscribers.

Will you be using the New Exodus Addon for Kodi?

install the new exodus addon

Thats the question that most of us are trying to figure out these days when it comes to what Kodi Addon you will be installing on your Android Tv box. If your new to the Android Box World you might not remember the old Kodi Addon called Exodus. Well back in the day it was the GOTO kodi addon for almost every Tv Show, Movie or Sports Show that you wanted. It pretty well had everything. Including Kids stuff, Cartoons, Kids Movies and more.

fbi seizing exodus developers

So what Happened to Exodus?

Well Exodus had contributed a lot to the online world and the developers of the Addon done so much over the years. But eventually when you become the worlds biggest goto Kodi Addon you going to start packing some heat. And thats just what happned. After the Exodus Addon got so big to the rest of the world, thats when the US Government came down on them hard with the Ban Hammer. People were devastated has this was there main source of Movies, Shows, Etc.


Exodus addon image

Exodus Was Reborn!

So after the heat backed away from the developers of the Exodus addon, a few years had passed. They had decided to relaunch Exodus again and bring it back to the Glory it once was. However things wouldnt be so easy for them. After an official first launch they then got shut down again and also faced several problems with there database, repository URLs,  and so on.

But finally after years had passed. They had finally worked the bugs out and were on there way to startem. Exodus was Reborn, and it was better then ever. Even now you can get the Exodus addon and it works like a charm. All the best Movies, Tv Shows, Sports Show, Cartoons, Kids Movies and more are all obtainable by there large collection of entertainment. You will not find any other addon better then Exodus.

So How do I Install the Exodus Addon?

To install the Exodus Addon you first need to go to a website called BestBox or BestAndroidTvBox.com. These guys have everything from the Top Android Boxes to have or what Kodi Builds to be installing. What the top ones are and what the worst ones are. The best things I like about there tutorials is that they have videos and sreenshots to go along with it. So it makes it much easier to complete the installation. To learn how to install exodus on kodi, check that website out. It’ll be the easiest tutorial you ever done.

bestandroidtvbox website screenshot

What else can I say?

Well I think that pretty well sums everything up. If your going to download a Kodi Addon for your Android Tv Box, then I would suggest this one. Its a great Addon to have and you cant go wrong with the Exodus Addon. It comes jammed packed with so much content that it’ll leave you with years of shows to watch. Be sure to check out the above site I mentioned too. Cause honestly its hard to find a good website with great tutorials, and where all the repository URLs work. But that one above is definitely one to use.

Thats enough of what I have to say here for today. Time to Enjoy the Long weekend. Enjoy your weekend folks, and stay healthy.


Melvin Murray – HoustonGlobal.org



Android Box VS Computer Console – Top Things not love about your Box!

Android OS

The same as any publication, comics additionally have some distance from the book shelf. For the regular collector, huge bookshelves are an essential requisite. Are you currently hoping to find techniques to see funny and view them anywhere you’d like? Android powered pills can in fact permit one to browse your favorite comics through several funny programs. Such applications permit one to down load as many comics as you would like within an remarkable digital experience whenever and anyplace of this afternoon. Here’s a listing of amazing comic readers programs which can your viewing encounter rewarding:

Inch. Droid Comic Viewer

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2. Comica

Comica comes with a great-looking graphical interface which uses the thumbnails of your comic arranged in amusing and easy ways. This digital graphic and comic writer for Android tablet computer has a dual-pane style. It enables you to simply take snap shots of pictures which you’re able to zoom right into and save separately. Additionally, it supports a bookmark platform, and that means you’re able to scan for comics you would like to see in your own SD card. It’s possible to insert them beneath an assortment and organize them onto your own folder. It works with JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, and GIF for picture screening.

3. Mango Manga Reader

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4. Comic Reader Mobi

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5. Comic Strips

Comic Strips is among the very best & most extensive comic readers developed for Android gadgets. It enables you to learn over 250 comics including Dilbert, Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts, Garfield, and also a great deal more. This comic novel program is free from the Android sector.

So if you are looking for a great place to purchase an Android Box, check out BestBox and you will find nothing but the best android tv box there.


Thats all from Melvin

The Speaking Tour

people speaking at computer conference

The Speaking Tour

fter deliberations in its National Committee, the War Resisters League has decided to promote awareness of the “Merchants of Death” as a long-range strategy for resisting the “new wars” of the post-Cold War, globally corporatized world.

Specifically, we see that friends and business associates of the present administration — companies like Halliburton, Bechtel, DynCorp and others — have found a way into the “new” Iraq, trying to cash in on the disaster that a brutal dictator, years of U.S.- and British-led sanctions, and an unprecedented “preventive attack” have created. Oil companies and pipeline firms have already gotten a foothold in Afghanistan. Introducing, financing, and maintaining these companies have come at an enormous cost to the people of the United States and elsewhere: U.S., Iraqi and Afghan lives lost; an increase in the likelihood of attacks against U.S. residents and other occupiers both at home and abroad; an explosion in the opium trade from Afghanistan; increasing outrage among our allies in the Muslim world, in Europe, and elsewhere; injustices to people of color both here and abroad; and the diversion of more and more domestic resources to pay for military occupation and corporatization. Since it is we, the ordinary people of the United States, who will pay the ultimate price, it is essential that we know the true course of our foreign policy: Who it is our leaders are actually representing, and the real reason our soldiers are killing and dying.

The Anti-Militarism Task Force of the War Resisters League has assembled a bureau of qualified experts to speak on companies that profit — and profiteer — from war and occupation. From January 15 [Martin Luther King Day] to April 15 [Tax Day], 2004, these speakers are available in the Northeastern United States for presentations to universities and colleges, high schools, and any groups interested in peace, justice or reclaiming a voice for the people. The sponsoring university or local group will be asked to pay a speaker’s fee and transportation costs. The fee will be decided by the local coordinator [listed below], in consultation with the sponsoring site and the speaker.

In universities, speakers on the Merchants of Death would interest Politics Departments, Business [especially international business] Departments, International Studies Departments, any departments studying Islam or cross-cultural relations [e.g., Anthropology Departments], and any departments studying Ethics [Religious and Philosophical]. Within and beyond the universities, the subject will interest many churches and any groups concerned with peace and justice.

After the presenters share the information, all groups will be invited to discuss the best means of addressing the problem of war profiteering, envisioning a more just approach to foreign policy, and developing creative nonviolent strategies for implementation. The results of these discussions will be shared with wider and wider audiences as the speaking engagements multiply.

Stop the Merchants of Death will begin in the Northeastern United States and, beginning in September, 2004, will bring its presentations throughout the nation.

16 Citizens Attempt Citizens’ Arrest – Halliburton CEO at the Shareholder’s Meeting


DUNCAN- Sixteen people from all over the Heartland attempted a citizens’ arrest of David Lesar at the Halliburton Shareholders’ meeting in Duncan Oklahoma.  They were led by Hiram Myers, an attorney with a nephew deployed in Iraq who felt compelled by his conscience to prepare a legal document outlining Halliburton’s violations.  Myers stated, “If we the citizens don’t hold Halliburton accountable, who will?  Certainly not our government or the shareholders”.

Among those who joined Myers in leaving the protest pen, which fell under the weight of banners, signs, and chants of “This is What Democracy Looks Like!” were Houston Global Awareness members Katie Heim, Jennifer Rooks, and Maureen Haver.  Aware of the risk, they maintain that their acts are part of a proud tradition of non-violent direct action that they hope will impact shareholders in an immediate and powerful way.  The fifteen involved in the action are anticipated to be facing criminal trespass charges.intel celeron

Halliburton is currently under investigations by the Security Exchange Commission, Department of Justice and the Pentagon for bribery, fraud and overcharging no-bid military contracts.  Additionally, Halliburton also has business dealings in Iran, which are contrary to the U.S. sanctions currently being imposed.  It is widely believed that Halliburton moved their shareholders’ meeting to Duncan, Oklahoma from Houston, Texas because their meetings in past years have been the target of intense scrutiny, protests, and civil disobedience.  Their move appears to have strengthened the resolve of corporate accountability advocates, veterans, and concerned citizens.

Responses and Impressions on Scott Parkin’s Ordeal

“We proudly stood with Scott as he strove to take this vision overseas and work tirelessly for a more just and peaceful world. We stand by him today fully believing the allegations of the Australian government are without merit. We find it ironic that he was detained as a national security threat while Halliburton’s shameless corporate war profiteering continues to go unchecked.”— Houston Global Awareness Collective

“I am well acquainted with Scott’s belief system as it is one I and many others share. We have figured out what the rulers of Australia and the United States have not– the violent cycles of war, oppression and terror cannot be solved with more violence and destruction. It will come to a halt when the global justice movement engages in mass non-violent resistance and creates a socially just community that transcends borders. Scott sharing this belief system and building international solidarity was
not a threat to national security but a challenge to a corrupt system of power that perpetuates violence.”

— Maureen Haver, friend and member of Houston Global Awareness

“The ordeal that the Australian government put Scott through is an outrageous example of retaliation by proxy against a global justice activist whose objections to the epidemic of war profiteering by Bush and Cheney’s corporate cronies is shared by most U.S. citizens and taxpayers.”
— Charlie Cray,HalliburtonWatch.org.

“Is the Australian government afraid of peace activists? Or did they deport him because Scott Parkin was speaking up against their secret deals with Halliburton, 150 military contracts in 2004 alone, that include covert deals in Iraq? Or was it the kickbacks that Halliburton executives requested from Australian businesses? Might it be their profiteering out Australian bilateral aid projects in India,  Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam? If John Howard or AISO have any evidence as to why Scott Parkin should be considered a security threat, they should present it to the public or apologize for their behavior.”
— Pratap Chatterjee, executive director of CorpWatch, Oakland, California

“Parkin is a grassroots community activist, plain and simple, and is being detained because of his political activism and views. It seems that the government of Australia didn¹t like what Scott was saying about the Iraq war, the Bush administration, and corporations like Halliburton that have close ties to Bush and Cheney,”
— Andrea Buffa, friend and employee of the human rights organization, Global Exchange.

Scott Parkin – A Man of Peace

Scott Parkin, the thirty-six year old history teacher and peace activist from Texas has been declared a threat to Australian national security, seemingly for sharing his skills, experiences, and reflections on the U.S. Peace Movement and Stop the War Profiteers campaign against Halliburton with an eager Australian community.  Those of us who know and love Scott are certain he poses no threat to national security in Australia or anywhere else. He is not just an activist; he is a loving son and a loyal friend to those who love him for his intelligence, his sense of humor, his compassion and his belief that a better world is possible.

Scott Parkin has been a valuable fixture in the Houston community, dedicating his boundless energy to social and ecological justice for several years.  Prior to 9-11, Scott co-founded the Houston Global Awareness Collective (HGAC) to confront the destructive policies of the IMF/World Bank. After 9-11, HGAC’s focus expanded and Scott worked tirelessly with others to build an organization that advocated non-violent direct action and popular education to affect positive social change at a grassroots level. Scott has helped organize several teach-ins, forums and film screenings to encourage the exchange of ideas and information regarding global and ecological justice. He can often be found engaging in street theatre as a means to convey political messages in a creative fashion that resonates with onlookers. He played a key role in bringing renowned scholar, Noam Chomsky, to Houston in October 2002 as well as many other prominent figures from the U.S. peace movement. In the tradition of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi, he has facilitated many skill-share sessions that guide people in using non-violent, spirited resistance to challenge systems of oppression and illegitimate wars.

The war in Iraq inspired members of HGAC to challenge leading war profiteer, Halliburton and its subsidiary KBR. What began in 2003 as small protests outside KBR developed into annual protests outside the Halliburton Shareholders Meeting garnering international attention, applause and support. Scott was an essential element in developing HGAC’s thriving campaign that in addition to hosting peaceful demonstrations, also maintains an effective counter-recruitment presence outside Halliburton/KBR facilities in Houston and organizes community forums to inspire non-violent autonomous action against Halliburton. Scott and HGAC utilize intelligent, creative, peaceful tactics to hold war profiteers like Halliburton accountable to the taxpayers they overcharge and defraud; the workers and soldiers they manipulate and the Iraqi civilians they exploit for financial gain.

Scott Parkin is a man of peace and a man of integrity. Scott Parkin is not a threat to national security and it is our belief that he will be fully vindicated. We stand in solidarity with Scott and anxiously await his return to Houston and will do everything we can in our power to assist him in challenging the Australian Government’s allegations that he is a threat to national security or promotes political violence of any kind.